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David Bisbal / Hello to everybody! I'm new around here!
« en: 15 de Julio de 2006, 11:16:59 pm »
Hola   hello    Olá  

I'm new in this forum, but i'm a fan of david bisbal since the OT times, I love him with all my heart and i respect him as an artist and as a person    I hope i can make lots of fans from all over the world and i would like to know if there's any Portuguese around here   lolol
Well thanks in advance for having me here and i want u to know that i'm sure i'll make lots of friends here!
I'll just have to take a while to be up dated... lolol... I'll count on u guys for helping me get all the news about our beloved David ************** kisses to all of ya*******

P.S. by the way, do u guys prefer me to speak in English or in Spanish?  

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